There are a number of ways you can obtain a Permanent Resident Card in Canada. But before you think about that, you need to know the main categories that allow you to become a Permanent Resident in Canada.

  • 5 categories that allow you to become a Permanent Resident in Canada:
  1. Express Entry
  2. Business Immigration
  3. Family Class Immigration
  4. Canadian Experience Class
  5. Provincial Nominee Programs

The 5 categories that we mentioned above are the top and the 5 main categories in Canada that allow you to become a Permanent Resident. Each program and category is different, and it is advised that aspirants who want to become Permanent Residents in Canada need to inquire from the government or experienced Canada PR consultant so they can guide you in the right way.

  • Permanent Resident Card Canada

A permanent resident card Canada will be used to show that you have a permanent resident status in the country. If you ought to travel to a different country, you are required to show your card and your passport so you can enter Canada again. This is required for all sorts of transportation methods, which includes commercial vehicles, private vehicles, airplanes, boats, trains, bus, and many more.

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  • As A Permanent Resident of Canada You Will Have:
  1. The right to live anywhere in Canada
  2. The right to study anywhere in Canada
  3. The right to work anywhere in Canada
  4. The right to receive social benefits that Canadian citizens receive
  5. The right to apply for Canadian Citizenship
  6. Proper protection under the Canadian Law
  7. Proper Protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

A permanent resident is someone who has been given permanent resident status after immigrating to Canada. Remember, this being a PR in Canada does not mean you are a citizen of Canada. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries that have been living in a different country for a specific amount of time. Students, workers, and skilled immigrants are allowed to apply for the Permanent Resident Status of Canada if they have lived in the country for over 4 to 5 years.

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