Extend Your VISA

We at SSSS Immigration Services help your extending your stay. You need to start preparing for that prior to you further status change. For example if you were a student before but now getting a paid work, you need to inform the immigration department for your status change. This can also apply to a condition where you are changing the school or college or university.

More About Extend Your VISA

Extension of visa can be done while you are changing your school or college or university or any institution you have a study program in. While you apply for extending your VISA you may get approval for at least 6 months within the period of given time.

Canadian government wants you to stay in good shape and health. You will be further noticed with proper evaluation of your health. You may also receive a notice for medical test within 30 days before you apply for the extension of your VISA.

Make sure you have good health, as failure in test may result in your departure or any kind of insurgency which may occur as a delay.

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