Study Permit Calgary

Canada offers a wide range of options of international students to get PR during their program. If you are studying in Canada for at least 2 years and satisfying all the credentials that immigration demands you can pretty much eligible for the PR. Students with past history in Canada, graduated from renowned colleges and universities, are the first priority for the local employers – offering great deal of pay-scale packages including; PR.

More About Student PR

The embassy allows you to apply for both Temporary and Permanent Residence, during your student-ship which later on can be converted in Permanent Residence also known as PR. The process is called dual intent and this is what that makes Canada one of the eye catching countries in the entire world which makes easy for the foreign students to live a life of their dreams holding bright future.

International students who have studied on a full-time basis under the post-secondary study programs are highly likely to be entitled for Permanent Residence. Students who have worked for at least a year,with paid internship, falls directly under the segment of PR holding criteria. A student can apply for PR after the graduation only; they can apply for the Temporary Residence before or during the graduation however.

If you have the proficiency in French with intermediate level, and you have completed the Masters or holding PhD level certified degree, your work experience will not matter during the application of PR. However, other provinces required work experience in the regarding places in order to apply for Permanent Residence.

Canada is eager to populate its land with productive students who would be a valuable asset to the country. The attractive offers for PR and later on citizenship are quite of a good deal to charm students from all over the world.

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