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Our Immigration Services

SSSS Immigration Services Ltd aims at providing you the best assistance over immigration matters, in the most professional manner! Our consultants help and guide you through each and every step of the complete Immigration process. Our team will determine whether or not a consultation is worthwhile and then set up a time to discuss your estimate in detail.

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Business Immigration Services

SSSS Immigration Services Ltd provides you complete help with “Business Immigration Visa”. Giving you an exceptional scope to grow and expand your economy in Canada. Our experts are qualified with the knowledge to put your application on the current visa policy. We have years of experience, providing the services which are best for our applicants, until the completeness of the application.

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+1 (403) 351.5355
Student Visa
Student Visa Services

SSSS Immigration Services Ltd aims at providing you one-stop education center across the globe. Our consultants guide you in terms of attaining insight into educational opportunities available for students to study in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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+1 (403) 351.5355
Immigration Services Airdrie
Sponsor Services

SSSS Immigration Services Ltd provides you the best pieces of advice that are listed by migration agents, at an exceptional success rate. We aim to provide you quick and efficient ways so your family can experience the benefits as the main applicant in terms of the right to work and right to education for the children. Our Visa Expert will help you provide the Family Sponsorship requirements for Canada, So you can sponsor parents.

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+1 (403) 351.5355

Immigration Consultant Calgary

Immigration Services Airdrie
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Welcome to SSSS Immigration Services Ltd

Ignited by the revolution occurring in the field of Immigration, the world has been witnessing a sea change in the number of immigrants in the developed countries and has become a blessing in a disguise.

About SSSS Immigration Services Ltd

We strive to dispel all the myths associated with the programs mentioned above ‘and we make everything come up roses by our plethora of hard work and commitment by guiding our clients to make the right decisions.

Mission Statement

By considering this fact on the mind, we provide you the comprehensive services in the fields of Study abroad, Getting Work Permit or Permanent Residence.

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Whether you are a consumer client looking for an overseas career; a Corporate or a University/ a College -Talk to SSSS Consultants. You are talking to the Country’s best. We promise you that.


Study in New-Zealand

New Zealand’s colleges and universities are well respected internationally and offer a broad range of educational opportunities.


Study in Canada

Education in Canada is for the most part provided publicly funded. Get 1-3 years Work Permit on completion of Study Program followed by Permanent Residency.

15 Years Of Experience in Strategy Planning

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