Super Visa Consultant Calgary

Under this category you can apply for super VISA if you are meeting all the credentials required to fulfill all the formalities related to immigration department. This VISA can be extended to 10 years, where you can enjoy your stay in Canada for up to two years. You will not need to change your status during your stay. However, prior to your leave – you must inform the immigration. For more details feel free to contact SSSS Immigration Services executive.

More About Super VISA

Super VISA came in initiation back in December 1, 2011. Canadian immigration department’s purpose is to reunite you with your loved ones and live the life you desire. If you are under 18, you need to have approval signed in by your legal guardians or parents.

Under this VISA’s rule, you are allowed to live here for up to two years and without notifying the immigration department about your status. SSSS Immigration Services has a great success ratio in dealing with clients who visit us for our advice for the consultancy of Super VISA.

Make sure you have at least 1 year of medical insurance and you are approved by the medical agency to travel with no medical issues. Canadian Medical Insurance can be visited by your own, or you can also contact us for more details. Our experts will guide you with everything you need.

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